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Tram Corallo

The traveling lounge

The design week has begun!
Now in its 57th edition, from April 17 to 22, the usual spring appointment with design will see flower the best of the international scene like every year in Milan.
There is an original initiative in Brera that we want to save and that we invite you to catch!
The Brera Design District is one of those creative districts (Fuori Salone) that has become increasingly consolidated over the years. This year at the ninth edition, more rich and with a very specific identity.

Be Human: designing with empathy is the theme of 2018. Identify oneself, understand the needs before proposing solutions. By placing itself in clear opposition to the progress of our lives today in which technology is increasingly present, humanity is finally put back in first place!
Empathy is also to be understood as the ability to combine utility and beauty, to create emotion. Exactly as “Tram Corallo” one of the special projects of this edition of the Salone designed by Cristina Celestino.


The idea come from the request of many international guests to experience new experiences related to the themes of design and interiors but at the same time to know and see Milan.

Cristina Celestino has reinterpreted the theme of the trip by linking it to the Milanese means of transport par excellence: the tram. Inside the historic tram 1928 (of which there are still 25 copies around the city) an ideal “Cinema Corallo” is recreated, a moving projection room!
The reference, from which the name derives, is a historical Milanese cinema, Cinema Corallo in fact, active in the Porta Romana area from 1949 to 1961 before and in Largo Corsia d. Servi then, from 1973 to 2005.
So, the unusual project that will travel in the most important district of design, combines contemporary insights with nostalgic references to the past!

The tram space designed by Cristina Celestino is divided into two areas: a foyer waiting room complete with sofas and curtains with precious fabrics and soft inlaid carpets on the floor; at the end of the tram, behind a curtain in trimmings instead a more intimate area: a cinema. Sitting on poufs, passengers can enjoy the view of the city of Milan in the afternoon hours.
The urban landscapes of Milan will therefore be the ideal projection on the screen represented by the windows of the tram. A time travel between the stops of Via Cusani, Piazza Cairoli and Piazza Catello!

This project is already close to our hearts! Perhaps also because right here at Cantiere Galli Design, in typical Celestino style, we can afford to say that we have had a preview “all for us”! Just less than a year ago, in fact, was inaugurated “Proiezioni” the Cristina Celestino’s project for “Una Stanza Tutta per Sè” the Cantiere’s cultural project curated by Domitilla Dardi, where floor and ceiling carpeting, precious curtains on the walls, backlit mirrors and nice umbrellas like chandeliers reproduced a soft reality, a little bit retro, almost surreal, dreamlike, where the limit between inside and outside seemed blurred as between reality and dream.

Just as happens on the Tram Corallo: observing the external reality from an unusual interior environment a means of transport that also wants to be a cinema.
We are curious to see this Milanese version!

The traveling lounge will run in the afternoon from 17 to 22 April, a complete tour of its itinerary will last 20 minutes and every day from 17 to 1730 will be stopped at Piazza Castello to welcome visitors!
We already have the ticket!

Congratulations Cristina!