A space to tell the story of talents operating in and around Rome
Osservatorio (Observatory) joins A Room of One’s Own enriching the cultural programme of Cantiere Galli Design, which confirms its status as spokesperson for and promoter of design culture in the city of Rome.

Osservatorio is a close look at design, which aims to give a voice to the design talents working in the city of Rome and the surrounding area. It is a mapping of what exists around us in the world of design.


It is a way of representing how many designers work in this place that is so dense with history and memories. It is the desire to be known and to make contact with those around us. It is a way of celebrating the diversity and variety of this city, to respond proactively to its incoherence and indifference.

It is the desire to take care of those who are just entering the world of design, but also to pay tribute to those who, in order to make themselves known, were often forced to move too far away from their roots. It is a chance to inhabit our territory.”

Domitilla Dardi