Cantiere Galli Design via Antonio Pacinotti 63 - 00146 Rome +39 06 55363646 info@cantieregallidesign.comCantiere Galli Design via Antonio Pacinotti 63 - 00146 Roma +39 06 55363646
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The first interior design center in the heart of Rome

Cantiere Galli Design is an Interior Design Centre in the heart of Rome that addresses not only sector professionals and companies, but also all those who approach the world of design with curiosity: a unique reality, a space of display and sale where research in the field of advanced techniques and materials is put at the service of the ideas of sector professionals. Careful selection and constant international research call into play both emerging brands and craftspeople from our territory.

“I have always wanted to have a space where a sense of welcome, care and design culture, as well as ‘custom’ services, could be the real protagonists.”

  Eleonora Galli

Eleonora Galli, as daughter of Carlo Galli founder of Edilmostra Galli, an important company in central Italy that has focused for over 45 years on construction and finishings for interiors – together with Alessandro Galli and Francesco Zancani, co-founders of the space, has developed a new model of display and relation in design, architecture and building, foreshadowing the new requirements of a dynamic sector in continuous transformation. The interior of Cantiere Galli Design has been done by Studiopepe, which in tune with Eleonora’s ideas has captured the essence and identity of the project, interpreting the spaces with a farsighted contemporary spirit.

“A vision that does not stop short at the architectural enclosure, but delves right into the details that have an impact on our everyday way of living.”


Arianna Lelli Mami / Chiara Di Pinto Studiopepe

The key players
Design Partners

Founded in 1973, from the outset Agape has had the mission of creating new interpretations of the bathroom, a vital, regenerating space for wellness. Today the company is a true reference point for contemporary decor.


Agapecasa extends the Agape imaginary to the entire domestic universe, thanks to original, erudite, functional and timely products. The Mangiarotti Collection contains furnishings based on designed by Angelo Mangiarotti starting in the early 1950s: design classics, rigorously produced in cooperation with Studio Mangiarotti.


Arper is an Italian company that produces and distributes seating and tables all over the world for public spaces, workplaces and homes. With its essential, elegant and contemporary style that translates into universal, timeless forms, Arper creates products based on a rigorous formula of technique, costs, materials, function, use and taste.


Brokis is a company based in the Czech Republic, specialized in the design and production of sophisticated and decorative luminaires in glass that update the long Bohemian tradition of blown glass with modern forms.


Cristina Rubinetterie is one of the leading players on the hydro-sanitary fixtures market, always one step ahead of design trends with innovative, handsome and functional solutions that also respect the environment. The wide range of products includes many items for the bath and kitchen, as well as shower systems and accessories featuring high technology and refined design.


De Castelli is a young company that stands out on the international scene for the application of metals in design: stainless steel, aluminium, Cor-Ten, iron, brass and copper. The production combines fine craftsmanship with high technology and refined design.


Falma, a producer of furnishing systems, offers innovative and customized design solutions to decorate spaces for different uses. In pursuit of optimal results, the firm coordinates a vast range of materials, colours and finishes, based on in-depth research on market trends and scenarios.


Fantoni is a major Italian company that is an international leader in the production of MDF and chipboard panels, laminates and melamine paper products, and a protagonist in the field of office furnishings and sound-absorbing systems.


Linvisibile is the first brand in the field of flush-mounted doors and closure systems that eliminates jambs, beading and visible hinges, making every movement perfect. The exclusive patented “invisible” system is the technological evolution of antique concealed doors.


Material ConneXion ® is the most important international network of research and consulting on innovative and sustainable materials. Founded in 1997 by George Beylerian in New York, with the first physical materials library, today it is part of the Sandow Media group, a leader in publishing in the USA, and also has offices in Europe and Asia.


Matteo Brioni is a company specializing in natural finishes for architecture and interior design, which works with a unique material: raw earth. The firm designs, produces and installs systems and spaces for living, in pursuit of a perfect balance of beauty, harmony and wellbeing.


Mosa is a Dutch company that produces tiles for walls, floors, facades and terraces, with over 130 years of experience. The company continues to turn out surprises, thanks to the distinctive design of its products and their very high level of quality and aesthetic appeal.


Paint Makers brand was born from a passion for quality. Since 1946, The Paint Makers Company produces paints and resins which offer on the one hand a technical solution to contemporary living needs, on the other an aesthetic response to all those who are not satisfied with just a good result, but always look for the refinement of each detail.


TM Italia: tailor-made solutions, design, research: three values that have always been part of the DNA of TM Italia, a company that has created custom kitchens for over fifty years, skilfully combining technological innovation with the excellence of fine workmanship in the Marches.


Wall&Decò is a new approach to interior decorating that achieves a constant balance of functional quality and image. The company was founded in 2005, when it presented Contemporary Wallpaper, as series of indoor wall coverings based on innovative systems of great technical value.

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