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The Roommates

Giotto by Zanotta

We present the new section “The Roommates” dedicated to the world of furniture.
Cantiere Galli Design expands the service offered to designers through consultancy and the sale of furniture. It is a choice that stems from the now consolidated desire to take care of the project, completely, to support the designer in the careful choice and in selection of the furniture, an integral and extremely significant part of the wider architectural project.

Today we are talking about Zanotta‘s “Giotto”.

A furniture classic designed by Jonathan De Pas, Donato D’Urbino, Paolo Lomazzi, a trio of Italian architects, the DDLs, who worked in Milan in the 1960s in the field of architectural design, in the sector of fittings and industrial design.

Giotto takes its cue from stools commonly used in architectural studios and is a project that well represents the activity and thinking of the Milanese trio in those years, committed to designing inexpensive furniture, accessible to all and requiring little maintenance. Giotto is an essential piece of furniture, easy to make and easy to and use, it is a democratic, multifaceted and versatile object!

Giotto’s structure consists of three beech wood boards with an oblique cut that rest directly on the ground, with no other elements in between. The legs are connected to each other with a red painted metal cross. Between them there is a threaded support which holds the circular seat and which allows the seat to rotate and adjust the height upwards and downwards. The seat diameter is 45 cm, while the height varies between 45 and 55 cm. There is also a version of Giotto with a wooden cross and with a scratch-resistant embossed finish, or with black painted legs and seat.

Due to its declared industrial vocation, the Giotto stool was immediately approved by Aurelio Zanotta, who always found ideal models to refer to for his company in spartan objects, economical and flexible like this one.

Giotto has been produced by Zanotta since 1975.