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Studio Lunik

to spread beauty.

Two young architects and designers, transferred to Rome from central Italy, interested in urban space, its use and multicultural changes: StudioLunik! the couple composed of Federica Vezzana and Domenico Paparelli. They deal with planning and activities related to exchanges and cultural sharing. In particular in recent years, they settled in Torpignattara with their home-studio, have gained a special interest in the Bangladesh community, numerous in this multi-ethnic neighborhood of Rome, studying and reworking some of their everyday objects.

Here today we want to talk about their all-Italian project!

We met them during the last edition of the Salone del Mobile in Milan where they presented their Estate: a marvelous collection of ceramic elements, specifically for the diffusers of citrus and floral essences produced in the territory of Reggio Calabria.

A project that is pure poetry, passion, the fruit of love for Italian tradition and territory, especially for the south. Estate brings together the design and forms of typical objects and the ceramic technique of a local artist Angela Pellicanò. The approach or rather the re-approach to the tradition of Reggio Calabria derives from the origins of Federica and her childhood memories of those sunny places lived during the hot season. Taking inspiration and reworking the details of some traditional pitchers with natural and symbolic forms, they were born their diffusers that recall the engobed and glazed surfaces with the marbled and drained colors typical of those areas, the colors are those of the gardens and the sea of the Stretto.

Thanks to the porosity of the ceramic, which is not glazed inside the diffusers, the poured essential oils are absorbed and released slowly by natural diffusion. The diffusers are then associated with some borosilicate glass bottles to contain water in which they are partially immersed. By capillarity, the water is absorbed by the unglazed bottom of the ceramic and evaporates with it the odorous substances of essential oils, favoring the rapid diffusion by evaporation.

One of the essences used is the bergamot of Calabria, on the basis of this in the eighteenth century was created the Acqua Mirabilis from which the water of Cologne originates. A very used essence, that of bergamot, in the perfume industry because it is able to fix the other fragrances and maintain their properties. Inspired by this traditional use, the Estate collection rediscovers the preparation of scented water, the glass bottles can in fact be used for macerating leaves or flowers, so the water is perfumed by evaporation and combines with the essential oils in the ceramic producing unpublished and natural fragrances.

It’s a treat both for the eyes and the nostrils!

Here at Cantiere Galli Design we have all their diffusers in which we like to mix the essences!

See you soon with StudioLunik for great news in the world of coverings … stay tuned!