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New products

Pecchioli Firenze

Luxury and craftsmanship for unique products

From a city art like Florence born products of excellence like this: Pecchioli Firenze. Art and entrepreneurship together contribute to enrich the already great panorama in Italian manufacturing production.

“The product is the material, the art is the soul” this is the motto of the Tuscan company that since 1896 fully represents the Italian entrepreneurial and productive values. Galileo Chini is the visionary, eclectic multifaceted character who gave life to this reality. Lived at the turn of the century, he introduced the art Nouveau in Italy, taking part in International Exhibitions and the decorations of numerous public and private buildings. Together with his cousin he first founded “The art of ceramics” and “Fornaci di San Lorenzo” then, always combining art and craftsmanship, the cornerstones of the entire Pecchioli production still fundamental.
In the Pecchioli products the beauty of the city of Florence, its streets and its buildings is fully reflected. The company carries on the manual wisdom but always with the careful look at the innovation. The wisdom of their work lies in the ancient processes and ancient manual gestures that characterize it. So combined with new thoughts, hands and minds work beautifully together.

The results of the vast production are splendid: the Ceramiche dei Chini, with their numerous precious colors and unique decorations; the artistic Gres, resistant over time but able to meet different tastes and requests; Cotto del Mugello which fully represents the Tuscan tradition; and Lava dell ‘Etna with its unique aesthetic dimension.

Pecchioli Firenze also follows numerous Special Projects, works on projects and therefore personalized, original objects but also big collaborations in which the products pass through his strong and distinctive touch.
Perfect for customizing even small surfaces, the inclusion of these products does not need any other special complement, the emotion that transmits is enough to make a dream space!

Pecchioli Firenze represents a certainty in terms of quality, history and design in the name of Made in Italy, a unique solution to embellish the interiors and create classy, original and precious settings. Unique and inimitable products in which the mix of artisanal techniques represents true luxury.

We are proud to be the spokesman of the best Italian design that is always a guarantee of beauty and quality. Here at Cantiere Galli Design many precious Pecchioli Firenze await you!