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Ordine gigante

A project by GamFratesi for Cantiere Galli Design

GamFratesi is the new protagonist of the cultural project by Domitilla Dardi “Una stanza tutta per sé” (A Room of One’s Own): the Italian-Danish creative duo has created a striking set entitled “Ordine Gigante” (Giant Order), slated to open on Wednesday 22 November at Cantiere Galli Design.

As for the other iterations of this event, the site-specific installation is based on the theme “Personal/Shared”, developed by the designers with complete freedom of expression.

“For us there is no particular distinction between what is personal and what is shared. The space is warm and rhythmical, with the presence of a two-sided daybed that encourages communication, an informal attitude, stories. The space is ready to suggest an action we feel is of the utmost importance: thinking. To make it, we thought about the help of imaginary giants and mentors who push (and support) the walls of this room, trying to make space for big thoughts.”


To get beyond the conflict between opposites, while preserving the space of discussion: this is one of the distinctive features of the design duo GamFratesi. Female-male, cool-warm, creativity-control are the elements of a constructive confrontation, when they are ordered by visual and mental clarity. Likewise, personal and shared space can also be reconciled.

Stine Gam and Enrico Fratesi create a clean but not cold interior, convivial yet silent, bordered yet open. In this room, they have created a place in which to think, a space of concentration that generates wellbeing, in the awareness that we can reach into the depths of our imagination only in a comfortable setting. Ideas are born in public or in private, day or night, but always when we feel at ease. In that moment, it is as if intuitions and emotions had found an order. In an instant, the lessons of the greats of the past come back to mind, in a gentle whisper. This room is supported by giants (like the telamones and caryatids of the palaces of Rome), who open our vision and remind us that everything has a weight – even the material of thoughts.