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Odo Fioravanti and the aesthetics in the motor world

The engines are being heated for the Italian motorcycle Grand Prix, the stage in the Mugello international racetrack is about to start!
Cantiere Galli Design can not miss, especially here!
Everything is ready for rehearsals and races, and the set-up, on tour for Europe, arrives at home, specifically near Florence for what has always been one of the most awaited stages of the international calendar!
Same setting different location! Because in the end the soul of the motorcyclist is a traveling and nomadic wandering soul and so, wherever he goes, he brings with him the necessary, he races and continues towards a new goal!

We present you today, Odo Fioravanti, Italian designer and design expert, deals mainly with industrial design, always looking for the future of industrial products.
Odo Fioravanti Studied Industrial Design at the Design Department of the Milan Polytechnic. Since 2003 he has worked as an industrial designer, also experimenting graphic and exhibition design. His projects received prestigious design awards. He taught in many design schools and academies: Milan Polytechnic, IUAV Venice, Domus Academy, Istituto Marangoni, NABA, SPD Scuola Politecnica di Design, HEAD Genève. His objects have been featured in many International exhibitions.


“Shape matters” is its motto, its main objective is therefore to arrive at the beauty that resides in the shape of objects, and to bring beauty to people through this.

So Odo tells us about the project for LCR Honda:
“The LCR Honda accommodation project concerns a very particular space typical of motor racing championships, which is a hospitality – hospitality area – in which the stables usually welcome members, guests, sponsors and friends, giving them a space for decompression and catering.
These are environments where they serve up to 400 meals a day. When we analyzed this space, the first thought was to characterize it and differentiate it from the others, recalling the aesthetics of the engine world. At the same time we tried to solicit for this area of hospitality, the same transition that is characterizing all contemporary community spaces: from cold places, first of all to hygiene, to warm and almost domestic places.
Hence all the choices: a customization of vertical surfaces covered with perforated macro grids that strongly recall the world of mechanics and technology, which is matched by the choice of a series of pieces of furniture that create a glance of more marked and more sophisticated welcome. The project will see an evolution in the modification of some pre-existing elements, such as the central white counter “.

We show you the pictures of the French stage layout at Les Mans.

With this project, Cantiere Galli Design confirms, once again, the role of reliable partner of excellence for architects and designers, satisfying different needs and transversal targets.
We look forward to seeing you at the Mugello Circuit!