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New products

Mangiarotti for Agapecasa

Eros, a charming serie of marble tables

Among the many products at Cantiere Galli Design, one of the greatest production (we can admit it without damaging anyone!) is the Mangiarotti Collection for Agapecasa.

Angelo Mangiarotti is one of the greatest protagonists of the Italian design of the twentieth century, an exponent of rigorous functionalism but never neglecting elegance and beauty, playing with shapes that become sculptures, using materials and production processes of his time, combining ethics and aesthetics. An artist who, beyond the present, has drawn the future by unprecedented solutions, always attracted to material. The Mangiarotti Collection is a collection of special objects for everyday living, current even if it takes more then fifty years of experimentation, originality and unusual visions. A precious catalog. Agapecasa chooses these design icons by renewing their beauty over time, with style. Thanks to the wisdom of the best Italian craftsmen and to the use of the highest quality materials, it preserves intact the authenticity.

Forms suspended in time, essential geometries in space, precious materials in nature. Marble, iron, wood and every material adopted become a new language where everything coincides, everything is connected and thanks to simple engagement, natural continuity between form and matter appears natural.

It is in the fascinating game of weights and volumes and in the almost invisible details that concentrates all the exciting force of the Mangiarotti Collection.

Let’s consider EROS, a system of marble tables.

It is the point of arrival for a search on joining furniture without junctions or clamps. The constructive solution consists of a gravity between the legs and the legs, obtained thanks to the truncated cone section of the leg that easily accommodates the plane by locking it in the established position, while the weight of the material increases the sealing of the belt and the stability of the entire structure.

The tables are made in different finishes, configurations and heights. The material used is marble of various qualities and typologies to make the item even more unique and personalized.