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Don't miss the new Lush Store in Roma, realized in collaboration with Cantiere Galli Design

LUSH, the English ethic brand leader about the sector of fresh and handmade cosmetics, dedicated to sustainable production and fair trade, has opened its largest store in Italy, at via del Corso, a big coloured and scented shop in the center of our city!

For the occasion and for the prestige of the store, which also includes a wonderful yard, the brand has launched a contest for designing the yard inviting some design studios to take part of it.

The winning project is signed by ABITOarchitettura. The concept of the project is the ideal reproduction of a Roman façade, some modules made by recessed shutters with function of dividing vertical panels and shutters that articulate the space by proposing a mazy and colorful path recalling also the typical local market, other reference to a Roman tradition.

Numerous views from different points of view characterize the courtyard inviting visitors to a pleasant stop and at the same time a curious walk to the outside!

with lush aromatic plants in line with Lush philosophy; the chosen essences are mainly the main components of the products being exposed. Everything is adorned by aromatic plants that are central in the Lush thought. The chosen essences are the main components of the products exposed.

Cantiere Galli Design, in addiction to the business activity, plays an important role in consulting and customization about interior design and architecture in general. This feature makes Canere Galli Design a unique reality in Rome.

In this specific case Cantier Galli Design has contributed to the realization phase, involving and coordinating all the leading figures, from the buyer to designers and craftsmen, having a significant supporting role in the execution.

For Cantiere Galli Design it has been the first opportunity to collaborate with an important international brand in the public sector. The ambition is to carry on in this way and grow these skills to put them to the designers and customer service.

Now there is nothing more than visiting the new “cool” yard!