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Very Material People – The Glass Night

The materials are always protagonists!

There is nothing deeper than what appears on the surface“! We gladly do ours the Hegelian philosophy because at best it expresses the importance of a material, whose essence lies precisely in its tangible, emotional being in its concreteness!

It is with this spirit and this irony that we present the last event that Cantiere Galli Design had the pleasure of hosting last February 28th.

First of a series of three events that will enrich our initiatives in 2019: VERY MATERIAL PEOPLE is the name of the format conceived and curated by Francesca Romana Straffi. Eclectic architect and creative with taste and passion, FRS deals with multiple scenarios in the field of lifestyle, interior design, fashion and communication. She is dedicated to the creation of projects – events that she defines as “experiences” that aim to consolidate the relationships between brand and audience. It is the involvement and the thrill of the secrets for the success of an event!

All Very Material People events will be dedicated to materials to celebrate the work of research, selection and consultancy in the world of interior that Cantiere Galli Design carries on with passion and constancy. The first of the three, “The Glass Night“, last February 28th was dedicated to glass, a noble protagonist and one of the most interesting materials for architecture and design, for its ability to be versatile, malleable, thin, resistant and fascinating and, last but not least, for its transparency.

Partner of the event, Mutaforma, which fits perfectly with the vocation of the evening. It is one of the companies of excellence that has been able to renew the capabilities of a material such as glass through the use of new technologies and strong research. Mutaforma creates a micro mosaic, thanks to the use of nanotechnologies, with a great personalization and an extraordinary aesthetic capacity.

An evening of Champagne, poured into the glasses of the fferrone, another partner chosen specifically for The glass night. An international brand based in Chicago, the fferrone produces elegant and extravagant objects (glasses in this case), alternating classic and opulent shapes with others that are more rigorous and minimalist, precisely of timeless objects-jewel for refinement and preciousness.

And to complete the whole could not miss the good food, a menu for the proposed occasion and prepared at Cantiere Galli Design by Chef Max Mariola.

What will be the next protagonist material? Waiting for Very Material People!




ph. credit Lorenzo Catena