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“walk in nature without treading it”

The company that takes its name from the Val di Fiemme, was founded in 1993 with a great will: to offer a unique product, natural and healthy, therefore biocompatible. The valley is located in an extremely renowned area, rich in forests, 60 million trees mainly of spruce for a population of 20 thousand inhabitants, therefore 3 thousand trees per person! Even Stradivari for his violins went to Val di Fiemme to choose wood!

Aware of the importance of the aesthetics of the product, Fiemme 3000, however, puts beauty in third place in the scale of company values, preceded by resistance and health, the latter is the main objective to be pursued.

Fiemme 3000 has made a clear choice, that of producing only biocompatible wood floors, using only natural products and no chemical derived from petroleum. The particular attention comes from the observation of health damage data caused by indoor pollution, five times higher than the outdoor pollution! Each material, for the whole duration of its life, emits substances at room temperature, the voc: volatile organic compounds, which we breathe constantly inside our homes. We must be aware of what we breathe and choose to breathe well, at least in our house!

The results of the investigations carried out on the Fiemme products were astonishing! Detailed analysis by the CNR, which lasted 18 months, not only confirmed the total absence of harmful substances but even detected the presence of balsamic substances. Also from this derive the numerous certifications that the product boasts.
So a Fiemme floor not only does not harm but even good!
And that’s why they love to define their mission with the slogan: “Let’s bring the wood in your house!”

Fiemme boards have a structure in three layers, all in solid wood. The noble layer, or upper one and the back are of the same thickness. The central core, in fir wood (a particularly flexible essence since it grows for a few months a year) is positioned or-thogonally respect to the veining of the other two layers, thus acting as a shock ab-sorber and stabilizing the entire structure. This central core is composed to have the “vertical line” sectioning with all the fibers placed vertically to avoid anomalous movements that could negatively affect the aesthetics of the floor. The bonding that occurs only with natural vinyl necks is fundamental.

And how not to make a note even the exceptional Bio Plus treatments ?!
The company uses oiling based on vegetable resins, beeswax and balsamic oils that are the same nutrients with which the plant protects itself in the forest. The oiling does not occlude the pores, allows you to allow the wood to breathe, feeding it into its deepest structure and also restoring the self-protective capabilities that it loses during the working processes.

Fiemme 3000 is a truly noble company, like its wood! Attentive to everything, at every stage of production to get to a product that today, given all these features, is the best on the market. With a wide range of essences available for the interior and exterior, it is also possible to create custom and design items (Disegno Dilegno), such as stairs and accessories, to satisfy all needs with wood!

Take a look at the site to understand its philosophy and products and come visit us!
How not to want a forest in your own home?