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Lights and colors at Cantiere Galli Design

This evening, starting at 6:30 pm, will be inaugurated the new cultural project of Cantiere Galli Design: “Osservatorio“. Cantiere, believing deeply in local and southern Italian production, wanted to give voice to the design talents that operate in the city of Rome and its surroundings.

This new project, which joins the already consolidated “Una Stanza Tutta Per Sè”, completes the research and the experimentation in the world of design. While the Stanza is a delimited place inside Cantiere, dedicated to the interpretation of a specific theme (each year different) by selected designers; “Osservatorio” is an opportunity, is a way to give visibility to the Roman realities, present but still latent! To use the words of Domitilla Dardi: “Observatory is a close look at projects, it is a mapping of what happens near us in the design world. It’s a way of tell-ing how many designers work in this place so full of culture. For a few days, for the occasion, the reflectors of Cantiere Galli Design focus on authors, selected from time to time and pre-sented alone or in groups. Combining their paths are keywords, concepts and ideas. The de-signers will be asked to design, together with the Cantiere Galli Design team, an installation that aims to make known the thought, the research, the experimentation and the product of their work “.

The first appointment with “Osservatorio” is called “Festa”. Two Roman women are invited to inaugurate this new project: Sabina Belfiore Lucovich and Coralla Maiuri. Their work, which they themselves love to define the first “art design”, the second “craft” are exactly the expression of their personalities: bright, elegant but modest Sabina; explosive, colorful and ec-lectic Coralla. Two different settings will be combined at Cantiere, each one being sophisticated in a different way.

Sabina Belfiore Lucovich will exhibit his Luminarie at Cantiere, luminous installations made of protected copper lines surmounted by hundreds of micro LEDs: a flexible, low energy system, equipped with a dimmer, which can support any order of magnitude. Inspiration obviously derives from the “illuminations” of the religious festivals of the south. A gallery of Cantiere will be dedicated to these luminous compositions, circles and sinuous shapes assembled together according to harmonious geometric relationships, giving life to sculptures that seem to float in space.

Coralla Maiuri will set up a large table with its ceramic and porcelain services. Dishes, bowls, cups, like small universes, will animate the space of conviviality and pleasure. His collections are dreamy and familiar at the same time, they are inspired by Renaissance and Baroque art, Italian craftsmanship and nature.

An all-female innaguration, exciting from the auspicious title, that Roman design can begin to have the space it deserves!

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