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The new collection Agape Design

Home. The Outdoor within.

The bathroom is the space that better than any other room in the house expresses the soul of the project and of those who live it. It is the place where you can take care of your body and where you can dedicate that precious and indispensable Time for your well-being.

In the current concept of home, in which the rooms tend to expand themselves and the functions overlap, it is therefore right that the elements that make up and define the space adapted to new and current wishes. The bathroom can also be conceived in direct communication with the other rooms of the house, and this interpenetration, where possible, is perfect with the external ones.

We therefore suggest the new collection of Agape Design “Home. the outdoor within “. The Agape collection takes you outside, adapting to the new context and becoming a complement to nature. A collection that makes you dream, which drops the boundaries between the external and internal environment and makes the limit between architecture and landscape blurred.

The use of new materials has allowed the adaptation of some products already in the collection to the external environment in addition to the more usual indoor conditions. Specifically: il Cementoskin, a particularly resistant colored paste cement with a natural surface finish, velvety, pleasant to the touch and available in different colors; the Petit Granit, a black marble with white veins with excellent technical qualities as well as exceptional aesthetic characteristics.

The historians Bjhon and Bjhon2 by Angelo Mangiarotti, the Vieques series by Patricia Urquiola, are just some of the examples available in these variations, then a new collection of accessories and the selection of stainless steel taps, complete the company’s choice for furnishings outdoor.

In perfect Agape Design style, a new service to raise the unique bathroom experience to an even higher level.