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Corpo Movimento Struttura

Il gioiello contemporaneo e la sua costruzione

The exhibition about the contemporary jewel in the “jewel room” of the museum cu-rated by Domitilla Dardi has been extended until 18 February at MaXXI.
An exhibition in which six great designers of contemporary jewelery are called to an ideal dialogue with six authors present in the MAXXI Architecture Collections.
They have been compared, finding the common points, jewels and preparatory drawings together with the architectures, two similar realities but on a different scale. Despite the different purposes, the jewel and the architecture have in common their relationship with a body in movement. The first responds to the body with a structure that is able to inhabit it, the second makes the body inhabit the space.
Moreover, just as in architecture, the jewel is the harmonious result of measures and proportions, it is knowledge of materials and technical and craftsmanship. It’s the realization of an idea, in this case wearable!

Giampaolo Babetto, master of the goldsmith school of Padua, always careful to ar-chitecture, dialogues here with Carlo Scarpa. The value of full and empty spaces and details such as the design of the hinges is common to them. It’s clear the common feeling of the functional form that marks their realizations. The role of solids and voids and details are characteristic in both.

The language of David Bielander is very close to the suggestions of the arts and architecture. His world is made up of figurative and also geometric-abstract elements. He often uses zoomorphic and biomorphic shapes made with meshes and reticulates, interpreting the visionary but at the same time organic architecture of Maurizio Sacripanti.

The Australian-born designer Helen Britton has been researching the theme of armor for years. The project that investigated for the occasion is the boat that Pier Luigi Nervi built in reinforced concrete. There could be no better inspiration than the “armor drowned in a fluid mass”.


A more Pop language has the production of Monica Cecchi who has chosen the col-lectable tin cans as his personal figure. Vittorio De Feo’s design for Esso’s service station fits perfectly with this vision, in which the communicative advertising element was the guiding element.

Peter Chang‘s work revolves around the concept of chimera, a mythological animal that arises from the sum of several morphological elements. His jewels are therefore the representation of multiple layers of colored resin. It is a real fantasy world. The association with the IaN + group regards the material affinity, the versatility and ex-pressive formality. The exhibition is dedicated to the memory of Peter Chang, who died in 2017.

Philip Sajet is a refined jewelry designer in which the aesthetic pleasure of the structure is revealed. The skeleton of his jewels and the emptiness that derives from the reduction to the single structure are the main characteristics of his production, we could define it as minimalist and essential. This research made for “cut away” has found great affinity with the architecture of Sergio Musmeci.

Every jewel is an opportunity to learn the language of each author and his personal interpretation of the world of architecture.

Do not miss it!