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Ciao ciao “Risvolto”!

Each "Stanza" leaves us a trace of it

The installation of Andrea Anastasio for edition of “Una Stanza Tutta per Sè” this year, entitled “Leave Traces”, the first cultural project by Cantiere Galli Design curated by Domitilla Dardi, will be here still just for a few days.

Risvolto“, this is the title of the installation by Andrea Anasasio, was an original intervention, a great intuition that was also revealed as a starting point for the work of many designers who have passed through here in recent months.

Anastasio will pass the baton to another interpreter, Matilde Cassani, who in a very different way will leave her mark in our Room.

We want to say goodbye to “Risvolto” showing you the response of those who participated in a small contest launched by us on the evening of the inauguration: we gave everyone a small gap from the installation of Anastasio, the fragments of tiles used for the lining of the room, the traces indeed! We have therefore asked everyone to give new life and new use to that fragment of matter, only apparently, useless. We want to show you those, thanking who participated.

It was fun to see in how many different ways the fantasy can transform and give new life to “anonymous objects”!!

millimstudio: they wanted to put the track in a vacuum as if it were an important element for the purposes of a scientific investigation.
adriano giacobone: he wanted to make it a plan to play putting things in balance.
alessandro d’angeli: a tool for making cocktails.
gloria riggi: who, finding a hole in the wall, turned it into a portable hanger!
claudia fabriani: a sure way to not close the door
designoffender: a hair clip
Cantiere Galli Design: thickness to put things flat