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Barber Box

The growing interest about the care of male image

The International Barber Convention, happened in Rome last October, was the most important gathering of barbers never existed in the history of Italian barberia.

Two days of shows, seminars, workshops and demonstrations by the best stars on the world stage, in the name of sharing and comparing.

In recent years there has been a growing interest about the care of the male image, its pleasure and aesthetic health, rediscovering today’s practices and pleasures, forgotten for generations, such as the rite of shaving in the barber shop. The huge presence at the convention has been a clear demonstration!

“After the first years when the phenomenon has been identified with a legitimate appeal to vintage, reflecting on a man’s image of other times, the phenomenon has now reached its maturity, and it seemed interesting to propose a new concept of this kind of commercial space “. So the architect Bartolomeo Quintiliani, founder of studioQ, introduced the project for a new idea of barberia realized and exhibited at the convention. The project, developed in collaboration with the architect Stefania Eugeni, partner of the studioQ, proposed a rethinking of the entire barber’s work space, taking care of all aspects from the floor to the wall covering, for the living and the waiting areas. New settings that can stand out for the atmosphere, functions and cultural references.

The solution powered by Cantiere Galli Design offers a “tailor-made” service.

Cantiere Galli Design is involved in every stage of the realization by looking for the most skilled materials and craftsmen, by supporting architects and designers and providing them with all the support they need to create unique and customized designs in line with market trends.