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A Cantiere, il Sole di Matilde Cassani

The second and last interpreter of the 2018 edition of “Una Stanza Tutta per Sé” is Matilde Cassani.
Unveiled “SUNSET” last Wednesday, November 28th. After the installation of Andrea Anastasio, the theme “Leave Traces” dedicated to reflection on the spaces we live, on how we live and personalize them, has been interpreted by the young Matilde, an architect but mostly an artist.

The title “SUNSET” refers to a natural landscape but the discovery, entering the room, is of an artificial setting made up of abstract forms. A landscape and a sunset that, due to the soft colors used, almost wants to define “lunar”, in which experience and participation are the masters.

The furnishings used are traditional elements: a table with a large double-sided mirror, a drape and a light source. All set in a landscape made of sequins! The sequins completely cover the three walls of the room, “dressing” it in a very unusual way.
The visitor who is initially distracted about what happens inside and is almost rejected out of the mirror that projects it on the outside, is then catapulted into a dream, it takes only one step to find himself in a dreamlike game, in a magical, shining world!

The walls are covered with gold-colored sequins and are reversible: caressing them the surface changes, it changes to the passage of the hand. Here the visitor can really interact with the installation, moving the sequins as desired, leaving a trace of himself and his own passage.
A drape represents a great yellow sun, anyone who looks inside the room, can frame in a landscape at sunset, a landscape that is different every time, never the same because it is always modified by the traces left by previous visitors. It is a succession and an overlapping, an accumulation of traces. It is really a shared experience.

And precisely the words of the curator Domitilla Dardi to describe this edition of the project “Una Stanza Tutta Per Sé” seem to fit perfectly with the installation of Matilde Cassani: “The space we inhabit is not perfect and ordered like that of magazines and advertising . The space we inhabit is a reflection of our imperfection and its extraordinary uniqueness “.Form follows religion“.

Our Room is really the space of creativity, “a black box of the imaginary […], a place where the author can find ample freedom of expression”.
There is time until spring to visit SUNSET here at Cantiere Galli Design, come and enjoy it, leave your personal sign, we are curious to know your impressions.

We are waiting for you!