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A Room of One’s Own

"To leave traces" by Andrea Anastasio

The new season of “A room of one’s own” opens up, but new designers are invited to interpret the new theme 2018: “To leave traces” defined by the curator Domitilla Dardi. It’s a reflection, this time, on the spaces we live, how we inhabit them and personalize them.

“The space we inhabit is not perfect and ordered like that of magazines and advertisements. The space we inhabit is a reflection of our imperfection and its extraordinary uniqueness. To live means to leave traces – said Walter Benjamin. Starting from this concept, we invited the designers to tell us about their way of making a living and inhabited space, able to tell the story of who occupies it. The room all for itself becomes even more a space where you can imagine staging what has always regulated the relationship between man and his environment. A relationship that is not at all linear but complex and tortuous like the human soul and infinitely variable like the nature of things “. Domitilla Dardi.
The first designer who inaugurates the new season of this project will be Andrea Anastasio, as if it is reductive to call him “only” designer …

And after this brief presentation we can say that we are really honored to have here the first installation of 2018 signed by Andrea Anastasio who, precisely because the space we inhabit is not perfect and ordered, responds by representing a reality that is not usually seen as imperfect but in reality with great aesthetic value.
He wanted to highlight here what remains hidden during the construction processes, in this case the building. All the great process, the result of the collaboration of the workers and the skills of materials that leads to the ultimate and visible result, a tribute to the process of realization of the project that is part of the project itself!
“Risvolto” is the title of his installation at Cantiere Galli Design, in which the wall and floor covering undergoes a net reversal, at three hundred and sixty degrees, showing the pattern behind that becomes unconsciously decoration, a decoration that in addition to aesthetic value also denounces its function.

To use the designer’s words: “There is an integrity that has its own aesthetic value even in what is not shown. “Risvolto” arises from the desire to show the ceramic material in its function of mosaic coating, but reversing the direction, to reveal, therefore, the back of the tiles. On this side, in fact, it is the function of taking on the wall that determines pattern and design. Paradoxically, it is the reason destined to be imprinted on the cement to determine the decoration and not the reasons for taste and / or style. “Risvolto” synthesizes in a surface the decorative text and that generated by the bearing function, thus tracing the interior surfaces of new patterns “.

Our cultural experimental project goes on, here at Cantiere Galli Design is all set to unveil “Risvolto”, we are waiting for you on Wednesday, May 9th from 6:30 pm!