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Faucet collection designed by Arne Jacobsen for Vola


Vola is an exclusive Danish design brand that produces accessories and faucets for bathroom and kitchen. Founded in 1873, it represents Scandinavian design at its best. An international brand that carries forward original principles of excellent design and functionality. Vola is a family-run business, owned and managed by the Overgaard family. The production takes place exclusively in Denmark, at the Hortens plant for over 40 years, with the use of raw materials of the highest quality. It is an explicit case in which traditional Scandinavian craftsmanship and the most modern technology guarantee the highest standards of finish and quality. The company also takes care of the production process, taking care to preserve resources such as energy and water.

The year of 1968 was fundamental for Vola, which saw the important collaboration of one of the most appreciated modern designers of Denmark: Arne Jacobsen. As an architect, he represented a perfect synthesis between the ideals of the avant-garde movements of the 1920s and the formal tradition of Danish architecture. As a designer, pioneer of Scandinavian minimalism, in full Modernism he renewed the Nordic style and became famous for the elegant and functional furniture, such as Egg chair or Swan chair, with essential lines in which no detail is trivial.

The first Vola HV1 faucets and mixers were designed in 1968 by architect Arne Jacobsen for the project of the National Bank of Denmark. He was contacted by the owner of VOLA A / S, Verner Overgaard, who presented his proposal for a new type of wall mixer. He imagined a design in which all the mechanical parts of the mixer had to be hidden, leaving only the handles and the spout exposed. A completely new and revolutionary concept for the time and today still extremely current. A product with a simple and concise design, which is precisely the strength to be, after many years, still selected by young architects, design is timeless and the use of excellent material systems and materials therefore last for generations.

Furthermore, by adding small regulators, the flow of Vola faucets and mixers can be easily reduced, individually flow times can otherwise be set. The water stops automatically when the hands are removed from the tap, providing an eco-friendly solution. Ideal for hotels and offices but in general for anyone who wants to pursue ecological choices.

Next year this product Vola will turn 50, but it keeps young, on the other hand when an object is universally well done, it is timeless, ageless!