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“Territori” secondo appuntamento di Osservatorio

Cantiere Galli Design presents Studio Lunik & Manufatto

On Tuesday, July 3, second appointment with our last, but only in order of time, cultural project: Osservatorio, the new cultural review that wants to give voices to the creative talents of Rome.
Observatory is an opportunity to talk and stop to look at the design of our city, is the project promoter of culture and design in Rome so present but laconic and in need of finding the right expression and dissemination. It is “a mapping of what exists near us in the design world. It’s a way of telling how many designers work in this place so full of history and memory “.
And “when objects arise from an encounter between people, from the experience of those who design them and those who make them, from the exchange of points of view, then the story they tell is always that of their territories” to use the words of curator Domitilla Dardi .

Territori” is therefore the title of this second edition of the exhibition, which stops the eye, once again, on the projects and designers of two young Roman studios: Studio Lunik and Manufatto. Recognizing both the central role of craftsmanship in the project, their works are the result of two different approaches to the Territory, one focusing on the presence of cultural contamination of a well-defined area of Rome, the other interacting with a network of traditions local jobs.

Studio Lunik, the pair of architects Federica Vazzana and Domenico Paparelli, works developing independent projects focused on a creative approach to multicultural traditions and exchanges in the urban context. Their research is particularly attentive to the informal uses of space, to spontaneous elements and to their social and urban implications.
Kalki is the name of their design workshop founded in the multiethnic district of Torpignattara. In collaboration with a group of Bengali women, their project is the reinterpretation of everyday objects and rituals, typical of Bangladesh culture, giving life to products full of vitality like the world they are inspired by. “From the south-east of Asia to the south-east of Rome“!
Some of their textile products: Gamcha, ceramic products: Kolshi and paper ones: Pakha will be exhibited in the central gallery, expressing that cultural enrichment that only integration can generate!

Manufatto, the designer duo composed by Ilaria Aprile and Davide Gallina, make the synergy between the designer’s guide and the craftsman’s manual skills, the key to their production.
Manufatto means “made and guided by the hand of man” and their series of mono-material objects represent the archetype of the gesture that inspired its design.
Their activity pursues the model of a widespread company where artisan workshops are workplaces in which designers and artisans think together on the evolution of artisanal productions in a contemporary key. In their objects there is then a particular care in leaving the signs of what is the manufacturing process of the craftsman.

In the side gallery of Cantiere, the exhibition will involve a selection of their objects in marble, glass, terracotta and straw, also told through the tools used to create the same, narrating the territory, the districts, the workings and finally the products that are the result of the interaction with these artisan and historical realities of our country.

We are waiting for you at Cantiere Galli Design from 18e30 to discover some of the creative talents of Rome that are close to our hearts!