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Cantiere Galli Design & Society

Dress your home like you dress yourself!

Cantiere Galli Design has recently completed a pleasant collaboration for the new display of Society Limonta, the couture shop in Piazza Pasquino, not far from Piazza Navona. The company Limonta was founded in 2000 proposing new solutions for table, bedroom and bathroom products. A new vision of home linen is a possibility that is not there before: that of dressing up your own home, as you dress yourself.
The company Limonta produces entirely in Italy within a historic company in the world: the Costa Mosnaga Limonta Group founded in 1883, more than a hundred years of skills and production capacity!

In an already special setting, right in the historic center, the store is a recovery of an appendix of the Church of Sant’Agnese in Agone with parts of original architectures, stuccos and polychrome marble floors, all original.
In this rich setting, it perfectly completes an essential furnishing, characteristic of the brand, which makes the products, from the pleasant color palette, the absolute protagonists of the space.

This work of collaboration, of exchange between different realities but speaking the same language, is what interests us the most: being able to create an interesting network between complementary realities and thus qualitatively expand the offer to our customers!
There is a very important aspect that Cantiere Galli Design has in common with Society: the concept of team; it is not by chance that “society” and “cantiere” are two terms that refer to the concept of community where true success is determined by group work, participation and sharing, only in this way beautiful projects can born!
We also fully embrace the philosophy of Society Limonta which they define as “never philosophy“: not being satisfied, daring and experimenting, exactly what we do between experimentation, dissemination and research of the best products on the market, for design innovation and quality!

So walking through the streets of the center will be easy to be captured by the natural colors typical of the brand, innovative solutions for the home cuture for the table, the bedroom and the bathroom, the style “mix & match” that combines fabrics, colors and prints thus being able to express their creativity and personal style as well as in clothing, even in household linen.
It is a vision of unconventional luxury that favors the research of materials, workmanship and the type of dyeing that give the fabrics a natural aspect of “perfect imperfection“.

Among the fabrics and colors chosen as the color of summer 2018, in the bathroom setting there is also the hand of Cantiere Galli Design!
Presented in the column version, the Vieques washbasins and the Vieques tub in white painted steel, produced by Agape and designed by Patricia Urquiola, are the protagonists of two of the store’s windows. The unmistakable style of the washbasins and the bathtub fits perfectly with the style of the store, it is in fact a project that fascinates by the contrast between the inspiration, “ready made” style homage to the old vats of the past, and the refined realization . Exactly like the Society style, refined but contemporary and with a vintage flavor.
Go to visit it! And stay up to date because another great project for the Roman shop windows is coming!