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100 anni di Achille Castiglioni_NOCE

NOCE: make light not war!

The sympathy of a teacher like Achille Castiglioni once again amazes us with a “tender” object. Playing this time with a natural form, in particular a fruit, the result is a funny and nice object: Noce!

It was born the same year of Lampadina, in 1972 and even without knowing the author, very easily we can attribute it to the hand of the Master, it expresses the curiosity and originality that all the production of Castiglioni reveals.

And it is also a simple object, made of few elements, and here again we find the irony that typically characterizes the Achilles’ objects. It’s just like a walnut, with a singular shell and special content! The theme underlying the idea of Noce was to design a lamp whose artificial light came from the ground unlike natural light coming from the sky, thus causing perceptual effects different from those to which we are accustomed.

It consists of two overlapping and matching shells, the base is in die-cast aluminum painted on the bottom of which there is a reflective sheet of aluminum sheet and the two adjustable lampholders, the cover is made of unbreakable printed glass. The internal light bulbs can rotate on its axis so as to direct the beam of light at will and avoid reverberation. The knob that allows rotation is placed on the sides of Noce.

The two shells are joined together by a die-cast collar with a silicone neoprene joint, fixed to the base shell with two screws. The waterlight assembly makes this luminaire suitable also for outdoor areas such as terraces and gardens.

Castiglioni stated that in designing the lamp Noce, his intention had been precisely that of creating a form of illumination that could plausibly be directed from the bottom to the top: “The natural light comes from the sky, and since the electric light is artificial, it should arrive from the ground “. Castiglioni also described his philosophy as a “remove” rather than “add”, so much so that the designer’s work was a process of elimination, in everything that is superfluous must be eliminated to achieve the synthesis of pragmatic and stylistic needs.

In the case of the Noce lamp, the product occupies a subordinate role with respect to the environment that surrounds it, which is why its shape appears to be suitably discreet.

When the Noce lamp is switched on it must spread the light on other objects and not simply light it up to make itself visible. Its solidity, expressed in the choice of resistant materials and shapes, reiterates that this product, rather than being an object to be contemplated, has a precise function to be fulfilled. Can also be moved forcefully, Castiglioni even kicked it in some demonstration!

Despite its industrial appearance, it is organic and when it is lit it is reminiscent of a rock or even an illuminated shell! Like most of the Castiglioni brothers’ production, Noce has always been produced by Flos, at the moment it is out of production but we hope that soon someone wants to give her the attention she deserves and make it shine again!