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Projections by Cristina Celestino is on OnDiseño

Even in Spain they talk about us


Essence and apparence

In mid-June, the Italian architect and designer Cristina Celestino inaugurated “Proiezioni” (Projections), her new installation for the Interior Design Center Cantiere Galli Design in Rome, Italy.

The project interprets the theme of “Personal/Shared”, fil rouge of the 2017 edition of “Una stanza tutta per sé”: a cultural initiative from Cantiere Galli Design dedicated to creativity, which offers contemporary designers the possibility to explore their own way of understanding the space of invention, thoughts and ideas.

In the installation walls, the reflecting surfaces let thoughts flow and expand in an organic way; the walls themselves become big windows, with printed stars, framed by sumptuous drapes. The floor dons a soft material without edges, carpeting in pastel tones that also covers the ceiling, simulating earth and sky. The solitary sunbed occupies a central position, as the only piece of furniture.

“In the natural order of things the interior is primarily an intimate, personal space, while external zones are for socializing and sharing. But what happens when this situation is reversed? (…) Welcome to a place where what appears is something other than itself”, said Celestino at the presentation of the installation, that can be visited until next Autumn (date still to be defined).


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