Cantiere Galli Design
via Antonio Pacinotti 63 – 00146 Rome
+39 06 55363646

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The first interior
design center
in the heart of Rome


Cantiere Galli Design is an Interior Design Centre in the heart of Rome that addresses not only sector professionals and companies, but also all those who approach the world of design with curiosity: a unique reality, a space of display and sale where research in the field of advanced techniques and materials is put at the service of the ideas of sector professionals. Careful selection and constant international research call into play both emerging brands and craftspeople from our territory.

“I have always wanted to have a space where a sense of welcome, care and design culture, as well as ‘custom’ services, could be the real protagonists.”


Eleonora Galli

Eleonora Galli, owner of the space and daughter of Carlo Galli, founder of Edilmostra Galli – an important company in central Italy that has focused for over 45 years on construction and finishings for interiors – flanked by Alessandro Galli and Francesco Zancani, co-founders of the space, has developed a new model of display and relation in design, architecture and building, foreshadowing the new requirements of a dynamic sector in continuous transformation. The interior of Cantiere Galli Design has been done by Studiopepe, which in tune with Eleonora’s ideas has captured the essence and identity of the project, interpreting the spaces with a farsighted contemporary spirit.

“A vision that does not stop short at the architectural enclosure, but delves right into the details that have an impact on our everyday way of living.”


Arianna Lelli Mami / Chiara Di Pinto

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